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Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA)

Pay as you Grow  Dedicated and Secured Storage


The Zadara Storage Cloud

Powered by a proprietary software, Virtual Private Storage Array™ (VPSA™), Zadara offers true “as-a-service” enterprise solutions which include comprehensive support for SAN (iSCSI block) and NAS (CIFS/NFS file) protocols alongside hybrid SSD and HDD tiering. With VPSA databases and applications access storage using native protocols, providing optimum reliability, availability, serviceability, and performance.

Everything you need to begin using Zadara Storage’s Virtual Private Storage Arrays and take advantage of its scale-out, multi-tenant architecture is delivered to your data center. The Zadara Storage Cloud hardware includes 40Gb switches, Storage Nodes (the cloud can be deployed with as few as two storage nodes and scale elastically to 100s of nodes), and cables. For customers requiring high performance for latency-sensitive applications, the Zadara Storage Cloud can include 40Gb iSER-capable NICs for customer’s iSCSI clients.  Zadara’s VPSA-based Cloud  provides a hardware storage solution for which customers pay based on usage. The high scalability and flexibility of VPSA allows uses to quickly and easily scale from terabytes to petabytes.  Zadara Storage delivers a pure OpEx solution at no capital costs to the client, making it a real “as-a-service solution” which includes storage management, maintenance and pro-active support for organizations. Additionally, Zadara refreshes older hardware  routinely while keeping data on-line and available so that customers will never have to migrate their data again.

Key Features

  • Single-tenant private solution provides complete system control
  • Unified storage for SAN (block) and NAS (file) data access
  • Scale performance and capacity to any level desired
  • Tiered storage with flash (SSD) and hard disk drives (HDD)
  • Repository storage for big data and streaming applications
  • Predictable performance from dedicated hardware
  • Limitless capacity from cloud-based storage architecture
  • Metered billing and subscription-based pricing improves ROI
  • Simple management and monitoring reduces workloads
  • Quality of service (QoS) protects service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Data at Rest Encryption ensures security of stored information
  • Remote mirroring facilitates geo-dispersed disaster recovery
  • Asynchronous replication supports business continuity
  • Data protection with complete control over RAID and controllers
  • Snapshots and clones simplify data backup and recovery
  • Thin provisioning maximizes storage efficiency to reduce cost

 From Traditional SAN to Virtual Private Storage Arrays

Traditionally, enterprise storage arrays have been built using specialized disk trays and purpose-manufactured controllers. This architecture limits the speed and expandability of an array to the performance of the controllers, and forces all I/O from all the disks through the same controllers. With this design workload isolation is impossible, guaranteeing that one application will always impact the performance of another. Furthermore the traditional SAN architecture permanently limits the number of drives which can be managed by the controller.

Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA) Technology

The First Storage Vendor to Use 40Gv iSER (RDMA)

VPSA for On-Premise as a Service

  • Provides better availability and simpler management with no upfront costs
  • Brings an end to disruptive technology refresh cycles
  • Improves business agility
  • Enables simplified data portability with comprehensive backup and disaster recovery to a global ecosystem of cloud service providers
  • Simplifies control with detailed metering and reports

Simplify Data Mobility

  •  Complement in-house VPSA with VPSA in remote data centers and public cloud service providers to simplify advanced IT processes such as business continuity, disaster recovery, high availability, scalability, quality of service, and more.
  • Quickly and easily begin transforming your private cloud OPaaS environment into a hybrid cloud environment in the future with one of Zadara’s public cloud service providers.
  • Scale your Cloud Storage as you like with the flexibility of VPSA.

The Zadara Advantage

Public Cloud Solutions

  • Experience enterprise-grade reliability and performance by moving business databases and applications to the Public Cloud.
  • VPSA™ by Zadara Storage delivers SAN and NAS in the Cloud with the reliability, availability, serviceability, and performance to support demanding business operations.

SAN and NAS in the Cloud

  • With native block and file storage support, you benefit from cloud economics, without having to re-architect applications.
  • Additionally, VPSA™ includes the privacy, security, and control needed to protect your organization’s data in the Cloud.
  • VPSA delivers Enterprise functionality, including clustering, dedicated resources, >100TB volumes, encryption, snapshot and zero capacity clones.
  • Using advanced data management features, replicate your data across global regions from on-premise to the cloud, or even across multiple service providers.

The Zadara Advantage

Private Cloud

  • Deploy SAN and NAS in the Cloud at your own on-site, remote, or colocation private cloud environment, and gain the benefits of VPSA storage as a service provisioning, subscription-based pricing, and more.
  • Alternatively,  the On-Premise as a Service (OPaaS) option provides the benefits of dedicated VPSAs on-site with pay-as-you-go cloud storage to minimize costs. So you don’t have to move your databases and applications to the cloud just to take advantage of Zadara’s award-winning Virtual Private Storage Array service.
  • You can, also, quickly and easily begin transforming your private cloud environment into a hybrid cloud environment with VPSA.

The Zadara Advantage

Hybrid Cloud

  • Maximize the power of VPSA with a hybrid cloud deployment that matches On-Premise as a Service and private Cloud VPSA in your data center with VPSA in the public cloud.
  • A hybrid cloud VPSA solution delivers consistent and predictable performance, dependable security and encryption, enterprise-grade management, and more.
  • Getting started with hybrid cloud is easier with VPSA private cloud on-site and off-site public cloud at VPSA service providers.

The Zadara Advantage

Dedicated Colocation

  • Simplify advanced IT processes such as business continuity, disaster recovery, high availability, scalability, quality of service, and more.
  • With powerful enterprise-grade GUI management and a cloud-friendly REST API, you remain in complete control over VPSA no matter where they are physically located.
  • Leverage the flexibility of SAN and NAS in the Cloud by placing dedicated VPSAs next to your colocation servers using the On-Premise as a Service (OPaaS) option to lower the costs of supporting vital databases and applications.

The Zadara Advantage