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LaCie Little Big Thunderbolt™ 2


LaCie Little Big Thunderbolt 2

  • The World’s Fastest Portable Storage.
  • Up to 1375 MB/s speeds for 4K video editing
  • Dual Thunderbolt 2 ports for daisy chaining
  • Compact size for field-based creative workflows
  • Whisper-quiet dual cooling




Speeds of 1,375 MB/s

Thunderbolt 2 Speed

Until recently, the idea of achieving 1,375 MB/s in a palm-sized device has been pure science fiction. LaCie just brought it down to earth with the new Little Big Disk, which features the incredible power of Thunderbolt 2. To squeeze the most out of this potential, it also packs a set of PCIe SSDs preconfigured in RAID 0.  Designed for ultra-slim notebooks, PCIe SSDs are 75% smaller, 91% lighter, and up to 2.5 times faster than traditional SATA SSDs. With this kind of speed, videographers can work directly from RAW files, getting full quality from footage and seeing edits in real time. No need to first convert footage into a lower resolution. Photographers can browse and edit massive photo libraries of thousands of RAW files, in the field, with zero lag time. Avid Pro Tools® users will notice incredibly smooth audio mixing, even when working with hundreds of tracks simultaneously.

Powerful I/O

Powerful I/O

Thunderbolt technology redefined external storage with its speed and versatility for bandwidth-intensive applications. Thunderbolt 2 builds on those advances, doubling speed potential to 20Gb/s and enabling simultaneous RAW 4K video file editing and display. And thanks to support for DisplayPort 1.2, connecting to higher-resolution and multiple monitors is now possible.
FireWire 800 800Mb/sUSB 3.0 5Gb/sThunderbolt 10Gb/sThunderbolt 2 20Gb/s
Thunderbolt 2 also continues to support daisy chaining up to six devices to a computer via a single cable (included in the box). This means that professionals can daisy chain up to five LaCie Little Big Disks plus a 4K display to a computer, bringing capacity, incredible speed, and convenience to the desktop. Thunderbolt 2 even uses the same cables and connectors as first-generation Thunderbolt**.

Featherweight Powerhouse

Featherweight Powerhouse

The LaCie Little Big Disk still weighs just 1.4 lbs (620g) and fits in a laptop bag or a backpack. It’s the only solution that packs this much power into such a small package. With 1TB of capacity, it’s the perfect storage field companion to the new Mac Pro®, which is more portable than ever. Daisy chain multiple LaCie Little Big disks to unleash the full potential of Apple’s powerful new hardware. Capture gigabytes of footage on a LaCie Little Big Disk in the field, and then transfer them to the post-production team in minutes instead of hours. Whereas before, transferring 250GB would have taken a couple of hours, now it takes less than 10 minutes. You could also use the LaCie Little Big Disk as working storage for 3D editing, and then back up final projects by daisy chaining to RAID storage such as the LaCie 2big Thunderbolt Series.

RAID for Security

RAID for Speed or Security

Use Disk Utility® on your Mac to configure the LaCie Little Big Disk into a RAID array that suits your needs. You can leave it as a striped RAID set (RAID 0) to maximize speed and capacity for large file storage and fast transfers. Or set it up as a mirrored RAID set (RAID 1), which provides data protection if one disk fails. It even supports JBOD, so you can see and use each drive independently.

Professional Reliability

Reliable Design for Professionals

LaCie reengineered the Little Big Disk to be even more reliable and much quieter than ever, so you can focus on the creative process. Since overheating is the primary cause of hard drive failure, cooling is essential for reliability. The LaCie Little Big Disk’s interior was therefore completely redesigned to improve its heat dissipation system. As a result, the fan is only occasionally necessary. And the fan itself is now much quieter because it is larger and adjusts its speed according to temperature. The net effect of the cooling system is a nearly silent product with a longer lifespan. The internal components are enclosed in LaCie’s classic d2 casing, designed by Neil Poulton. The resilient aluminum armor protects the data inside whether the product is in the field or in transit. And to prevent theft and unauthorized access, the LaCie Little Big Disk is compatible with Kensington™ locks and includes AES 256-bit encryption software. Professional reliability for exacting professionals.


Model Number: 9000477
Internal Storage Media:2 x PCIe Gen 2 SSDs
Interface:2 x Thunderbolt 2 ports
Interface Transfer Rate: 20 Gb/s
Performance Benchmark:Reads: 1,375MB/s
Writes: 1,180MB/s
Interface Technology:Bidirectional 20Gb/s permits a high-resolution display and RAW 4K video playback
RAID Modes:Preconfigured RAID 0 striped set
RAID 0 / 1 / JBOD configuration using Mac® OS Disk Utility
Daisy Chain:Connect up to six Thunderbolt-compatible devices including Thunderbolt 2 and LaCie Thunderbolt Series products to a computer via a single Thunderbolt cable**
Security:AES 256-bit software encryption
Kensington lock compatible
Integrated cable lock
Silent Cooling:All-aluminum enclosure with improved internal heat dissipation
Thermo-regulated cooling fan: effective and whisper-quiet cooling
Power Supply:100-240Vca; 50/60Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD):40 x 140 x 85 mm | 1.6 x 5.5 x 3.3 in.
Weight:620 g | 1.4 lbs (without drive stand)
System Requirements:• Computer with a Thunderbolt 2 or Thunderbolt** port
• Mac OS X 10.8.5 and later
• Minimum free disk space: 600MB recommended
Software:• Intego® Backup Manager Pro
• LaCie Private-Public (protect data with AES 256-bit encryption)
Box Content:• LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt™ 2
• External power supply
• Thunderbolt cable
• Drive stand for upright use
• Quick Install Guide
Comments:* These transfer rates were achieved using AJA System Test when connected to a 15" MacBook Pro 2.0Ghz Quad Core and 8GB RAM with 32k block size. Speeds depend on the RAID mode used, and average transfer rates may vary from one computer to another and from one product to another.
** To achieve full Thunderbolt 2 bandwidth, connect the product to a Thunderbolt 2 port on a computer or device.


Part Number 591119: 36W-12V/3A Power Supply
591119: 36W-12V/3A