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LaCie 8big Thunderbolt™ 2



LaCie 8big Thunderbolt 2

8-bay 1U Rackmount Hardware RAID

  • Dual Thunderbolt 2
  • Fastest 1U Storage for 4K Workflows.
  • Up to 1330MB/s* speeds for 4K video editing
  • 8 bays in a 1U rack for superb storage density
  • Dual Thunderbolt 2 ports for storage expansion
  • Hardware RAID  and full component redundancy
  • Optional Enterprise Class drives

Select capacity:

48TB Enterprise Class

Thunderbolt 2 Speeds for the 4K Era

 Thunderbolt 2 for the 4K Era

With Thunderbolt 2 technology, the interface is no longer the performance bottleneck. For the 8big Rack, LaCie harnessed the breakthrough performance potential of the Thunderbolt 2 I/O, squeezing the absolute best speeds out of the hard disks. Add a hardware RAID controller and 7200RPM disks, and the result is incredible, sustained speeds of up to 1330MB/s that turbocharge 4K workflows, file transfers, or backups.

With this kind of speed, videographers can work directly from RAW files in Apple® Final Cut Pro® or Adobe® Premiere®, get maximum quality from footage, and see edits in real time. No need to first convert footage into a lower resolution. Avid® Pro Tools® users will notice incredibly smooth audio mixing, even when working with hundreds of tracks simultaneously. Professional photography agencies and other Adobe Lightroom® or Apple Aperture® users can browse through archived libraries of thousands of RAW and edited images, with zero lag.

Redundant Components for Reliability


With full component redundancy, the LaCie 8big Rack gives professionals superb reliability and data security. Fans, disks, and PSU** are fully redundant, hot swappable**, and user-serviceable. And hardware RAID 5/6 provides security against disk failure and data loss, without compromising on transfer speeds. Whatever the contingency, zero data loss, and zero downtime.

Seagate Enterprise Class hard disks provide superb accessibility, reliability, and robust performance. Designed to operate 24×7 on 16-bay racks, these HDDs feature 1.2 million house MTBF (mean time between failure) for extraordinary availability. The LaCie 8big with Enterprise Class drives comes with a five-year warranty that covers drives, enclosure, and spare parts, ensuring a solid long-term investment. Enterprise Class drives feature 128MB cache, 7200RPM, and rack environment optimization, offering the ideal solution for handling aggressive workloads. For maximum reliability of your critical data, depend on the LaCie 8big with Enterprise Class drives.

Scalability up to 1.7 PB

Up to 1.7 PB

Thunderbolt technology redefined external storage with its speed and versatility for bandwidth-intensive applications. Thunderbolt 2 builds on those advances by doubling the speed potential to 20Gb/s and enabling simultaneous RAW 4K video editing and display. And thanks to support for DisplayPort 1.2, it’s now possible to daisy chain higher-resolution displays such as 4K monitors.

In addition to higher performances, the Thunderbolt 2 I/O offers dramatically simpler connections than Fibre Channel. Connect the LaCie 8big Rack to a computer via the Thunderbolt cable – no HBA (host bus adapter) necessary – and instantly the volume mounts on your OS. And unlike Fibre Channel, Thunderbolt 2 is truly a plug and play and single-vendor solution. No port mapping or multipathing is required to achieve this performance. Thunderbolt technology even supports optical cables, which means you could connect a LaCie 8big Rack to a computer located up to 60 meters (197 feet) away.

Thanks to dual Thunderbolt 2 ports, you can daisy chain up to six devices to a computer via a single cable (included in the box). For example, you could connect a total of 36 LaCie 8big Racks via the six Thunderbolt 2 ports on a single Mac Pro®, enabling more than 1.7PB (1728TB) and more than 3000MB/s – in a mere 36U. Compared with Fibre Channel solutions, the LaCie 8big Rack delivers outstanding scalability in half the space, a much simpler setup, and unprecedented performance.

Advance Cooling

Advanced Cooling

The 8big Rack’s innovative cooling system prolongs component lifespan, featuring three efficient, thermoregulated cooling fans to drive airflow. A metal sheet beneath the disks dissipates heat, and cool air flows under the sheet to drain hot air away. Above and between the two rows of disks, air flows from front to back, conducting heat away from sensitive components.

Professional Software

Model Number: 9000511UCapacity: 12TB
Model Number: 9000499UCapacity: 24TB
Mode Number: 9000476UCapacity: 48TB
Model Number: 9000598U
Capacity: 48TB Enterprise Class
Internal Storage Media:4 x 3TB / 8 x 3TB / 8 x 6TB / 8 x 6TB Enterprise Class HDDs
8 or 4 hot-swappable* 7200RPM/64MB cache (or greater) hard disks
8 hot-swappable* 7200RPM/64MB cache (or greater) hard disks with 1.2 million hours MTBF and 24x7 power-on operation
Interface:2 x Thunderbolt 2 ports
Interface Transfer Rate: 20Gb/s
Performance Benchmark:Reads | Writes (MB/s)***
12TB (4-disks) RAID 0: 800 | 900
12TB (4-disks) RAID 5: 600 | 600
24TB (8-disks) RAID 0: 1330 | 1060
24TB (8-disks) RAID 5: 1150 | 1060
48TB (8-disks) RAID 0: 1330 | 1060
48TB (8-disks) RAID 5: 1130 | 1020
Interface Technology:Bidirectional 20Gb/s permits a high-resolution display and RAW 4K video playback
Power-Saving Mode:Reduce power consumption by pressing the front button to spin down disks without disrupting daisy chain transfers (short press initiates power-saving mode; long press turns product off completely)
RAID Modes:Preconfigured HFS+ RAID 5
Hardware RAID 0 / 1 / 5 / 6 / 10 / JBOD
Configure RAID using LaCie RAID Management software
Daisy Chain:Connect up to six Thunderbolt-compatible devices including Thunderbolt 2 and LaCie Thunderbolt Series products to a computer via a single Thunderbolt cable**
Security:AES 256-bit software encryption
cable management arm
Cooling:Redundant, hot-swappable fans
Aluminum front and all-metal enclosure
Efficient cooling for long-term reliability
Additional Features:Tool-free component replacement
Cable-free fan, disk, and PSU connections
Two-step easy access to components
Front-facing status LEDs: disks, power, alarm
ID button: from front or back, user-friendly way to identify a product when many are installed in a rack
Alarm with mute button
System monitoring and email alerts for failure and warning events
Acousticÿ:Idle mode: 50dB
Operating mode: 53dB
Operating max: 69dB^
Power Supply:1x 100-240V;
50/60Hz; 250W2x 100-240V;
50/60Hz; 250W2x 100-240V;
50/60Hz; 250W
Dimensions (WxHxD):477 x 44 x 772 mm | 18.9 x 1.7 x 30.4 in.
Weight:With 8 disks: 20 kg | 44 lbs
With 4 disks: 18 kg | 39 lbs
Diskless: 15 kg | 33 lbs
System Requirements: Computer with a Thunderbolt 2 or Thunderbolt*** port
• Latest version of Windows® 7, Windows 8 (see here for drivers information) / Mac OS® X 10.9 or later
• Minimum free disk space: 600MB recommended
Software: Intego Backup Manager Pro for Mac
LaCie Private-Public (protect data with AES 256-bit encryption)
Intego® Backup Manager Pro
• LaCie Private-Public (protect data with AES 256-bit encryption)
• LaCie RAID Manager (administration console)

Download product software at
Box Content: • LaCie 8big Rack
• Internal power supply (2x or 1x, depending on model)****
• Thunderbolt cable
• Rack mounting kit
• Hard disks (number based on model)
• Empty hard disk trays and screws (for 4-disk model only)
• Cable management arm kit
• Quick Install Guide
Comments:* Hot swapping will result in data loss in a RAID 0 array.
** To achieve full interface bandwidth, connect the product to either a USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt 2 port * Hot swapping will result in data loss in a RAID 0 array.
** These transfer rates were achieved using AJA System Test when connected to a 13" Macbook Pro® with a 2.8GHz Intel® Core™ i7 processor and 8GB RAM. Actual data rates may vary depending on operating environment and other factors, such as RAID mode, RAID configuration, and disk capacity.
*** To achieve full interface bandwidth, connect the product to a Thunderbolt 2 port on a computer or device.
**** The 4-disk version ships with a single PSU, and is therefore not hot-swappable. Purchase an additional PSU Kit to ensure full redundancy.
^ These measurements have been made under normal conditions, one meter/three feet from the front of the product. This value may vary with conditions and product configuration.

When referring to drive capacity, one gigabyte, or GB, equals one billion bytes and one terabyte, or TB, equals one thousand billion bytes. Your computer’s operating system may use a different standard of measurement and report a lower capacity. In addition, some of the listed capacity is used for formatting and other functions and will not be available for data storage.

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LaCie 8big Spare Hard Disk

Compatible with LaCie 8big Rack Thunderbolt™ 2

Part Number : 9000538  | Capacity : 3TB
Part Number : 9000541  | Capacity : 6TB
Part Number : 9000620 | Capacity : 6TB Enterprise Class



8big Thunderbolt 2 Accessories

Hot-swappable, user-serviceable

Part Number : 9000497  |  Description : 8big Fan Kit
Part Number : 9000498  |  Description : 8big PSU Kit