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Data Protection & Recovery



Information is useless unless it can accessed when needed making Backup and Recovery essential elements of data protection.

Availability and integrity of information, or the lack of it, can directly impact revenues and profits and company reputations.  Backup is critical for ensuring recovery of essential information in the case of corruption, data loss or disaster.  We understand these complexities and work to help you simplify this process; how you back up the people, processes and infrastructure you have in place can affect key business initiatives. It can accelerate, or decelerate, the pace at which you roll out new applications or extend virtualization across your organization, and it can improve or hinder product development cycles, global expansion efforts, and customer service.

 The first step in building a successful BCP/backup and DR/recovery strategy is to understand your business processes and data. It is not just about technology; you must consider facilities, materials and people. Let our skilled team help you conduct a thorough assessment of your objectives and customize the appropriate solutions based on your requirements.  Ask us how we can help design and support your backup & recovery objectives.

 Protect your data to ensure availability

Downtime is a costly peril that effects companies of all sizes. This is where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. To ensure the highest data availability while streamlining backup and recovery tasks, IQSS provides solutions with advanced snapshot and replication capabilities in its storage systems. Snapshot functions are tailored to provide instantaneous point-in-time copies of data without disrupting online applications. With copy-on-write design, snapshots protect production data from accidental modifications, deletions and corruptions with minimal capacity requirements and performance overhead. By accessing a snapshot copy at the desired recovery point, users can immediately restore system availability from data disruption. 

 Recommended Features

For Data Protection:

  • Snapshot
  • Volume Copy/Mirror
  • Point-in-time, space-saving copies
  • Local Replication
  • Snapshot and volume copy/mirror capabilities
  • Remote Replication
  • Provides excellent solutions for disaster recovery, data backup or migration over a long distance
  • Quickly restore production with full data copies

Volume Copy/ Mirroring & Remote Replication