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Cloud Storage




Enterprise Cloud Storage 

Gain capacity without investing on building and maintaining storage infrastructures

Put the right storage capacity when sudden increases occur

Prevent wasted investments and resources by too much storage 






IQSS offers numerous price-competitive cloud storage solutions from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to On-Premise as a Service (OPaaS) that are easily deployed and managed, including high-density storage servers and cloud-based storage platforms.

While data center may or may not be physically situated on the premises, storage capacity is accessed virtually, via web applications, in the same way as when the servers are locally available. Cloud Storage is essential for not only long-term archiving valuable but infrequently accessed data, but also as an offsite backup and disaster recovery solution. Cloud storage can also free up IT resources by offloading the complexity and concerns of housing storage on-premise. There are many cloud storage schemes and providers as this exciting industry continues to grow exponentially. Finding a good fit should be like slipping into a comfortable pair of shorts instead of taking the SAT. One that fits your needs should

  • Put the right storage capacity when sudden increases occur
  • Prevent wasted investments and resources by too much storage
  • Provide easy management functionality and flexibility
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Recommended Products

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Enterprise Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud Storage as a Service is available in: AWS US, AWS Japan, AWS Europe, AWS Australia, Microsoft Azure US East and US West, Dimension Data US and Europe, and CloudSigma.

  • Enterprise functionality, including clustering, dedicated resources, >100TB volumes, encryption, snapshot and zero capacity clones.
  • Experience enterprise-grade reliability and performance by moving business databases and applications to the Public Cloud.
  • With native block and file storage support, you benefit from cloud economics, without having to re-architect applications.
  •  VPSA™ includes the privacy, security, and control needed to protect your organization’s data in the Cloud.
  • Using advanced data management features, replicate your data across global regions from on-premise to the cloud, or even across multiple service providers.

Enterprise Cloud Storage as a Service


Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing

The Promise Technology FileCruiser is an Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) solution for SMEs, the education market and many other environments.


  • 1U Appliance Server which can be connected to PROMISE Vess or VTrak* RAID storage
  • Distributed storage platform for hyper-scale petabyte storage for the cloud
  • Unified storage pool for a large number of clients to access


  • 4U70 bay high density server storage
  • Dual controllers in a single box
  • Distributed storage platform for hyper-scale petabyte storage for the cloud



SAN and NAS in the Cloud

SAN and NAS in the Cloud solutions, powered by Zadara Storage’s exclusive Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA) technology deliver iSCSI block (SAN) and CIFS/NFS file (NAS) storage simultaneously, so each database and application gains access to the ideal type of storage resulting in optimum reliability, availability, serviceability, and performance. This sets the Zadara Storage solution apart from other cloud storage alternatives requiring the use of proprietary APIs or object-based architectures to store and retrieve data.

With SAN and NAS in the Cloud, enterprise databases and applications access data using standard iSCSI (block) and CIFS/NFS (file) protocols over Ethernet networks for optimum interoperability and superior connectivity. The use of open protocols and common networks provides the flexibility to support modern IT architectures including public, private, and hybrid Cloud in addition to dedicated co-location and service provider environments.

Some business needs require strategic solutions. Examples include disaster recovery, business continuity, or high availability. Successfully implementing a solution driven by a particular need frequently involves overcoming architectural, connectivity, and interoperability challenges. Fortunately, VPSA works like traditional SAN and NAS in the Cloud to facilitate the integration of the Cloud with complex business solutions.


Software for Cloud Storage

Open-E Data Storage Software V7

Open-E Data Storage Software V7is being increasingly used as the go-to software for cloud storage.  Open-E software providing security, high availability, superior performance, scalability and hardware compatibility is the best choice for building your cloud solutions.

Cloud storage becomes an essential solution not only for businesses, but also for individual users. The popularity of mobile devices and a rising need of sharing and syncing files between them plays a big part in this. Although businesses acknowledged how beneficial it can be to cooperate in the cloud, and that working remotely has never been easier, very few know how cloud storage actually works and what lies behind this technology. Let us get you started

Other Software for Cloud Storage are available. Call now or request a complete catalog