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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

IQSS is dedicated to doing our part in promoting IT efficiency. To help you increase energy efficiency in your Data Center, IQSS offers solutions featuring software and hardware technologies designed to optimize storage systems. Through virtualization, scattered storage resources can be consolidated beyond physical boundaries for efficient utilization and management. Thin provisioning and distributed load balancing technologies improve capacity utilization and performance.

The hardware platforms of today’s storage systems are also enhanced with advanced power-saving designs. 80 PLUS-certified power supplies deliver more than 80% energy efficiency, while intelligent multi-level drive spin-down can help users signficantly reduce power consumption. IQSS supports and promotes storage brands who take leading roles in green IT to help businesses lower their energy costs.

Lower your power consumption costs and your carbon foot print

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Recommended Products

SAN and NAS in the Cloud

SAN and NAS in the Cloud solutions, powered by Zadara Storage’s exclusive Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA) technology deliver iSCSI block (SAN) and CIFS/NFS file (NAS) storage simultaneously, so each database and application gains access to the ideal type of storage resulting in optimum reliability, availability, serviceability, and performance. This sets the Zadara Storage solution apart from other cloud storage alternatives requiring the use of proprietary APIs or object-based architectures to store and retrieve data.

With SAN and NAS in the Cloud, enterprise databases and applications access data using standard iSCSI (block) and CIFS/NFS (file) protocols over Ethernet networks for optimum interoperability and superior connectivity. The use of open protocols and common networks provides the flexibility to support modern IT architectures including public, private, and hybrid Cloud in addition to dedicated co-location and service provider environments.

  • B24F-2652 – FC/iSCSI-to-(2.5″) SAS 2U /24-bay Single & Dual Controllers
  • B12F-2840 – FC-to-(2.5″) SAS 1U /12-bay Dual Controllers
  • B24F-2842 – FC/iSCSI-to-(2.5″) SAS 2U /24-bay Single & Dual Controllers
  • B12E-2140 – iSCSI-to-(2.5″) SAS 1U /12-bay Dual Controllers
  • B24E-2142 – iSCSI-to-(2.5″) SAS 2U /24-bay Single & Dual Controllers

Other Eco-friendly enterprise storage arrays are available. Call now or request a complete catalog


…because we appreciate beautifully crafted works of art

  • LaCie Sphère is not only a thing of beauty, but also energy conscious
  • Design by Christofle and handcrafted and silvered in France
  • Runs in eco mode with no unsightly power cables
  • Up to 5Gb/s USB 3.0 (sometimes that’s all you need)
  • 1 TB storage
  • Includes LaCie Private-Public: password protection software with Backup Assistant

Other Eco-friendly direct attached storage are available. Call now or request a complete catalog