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Storage Servers


Build Your Own Devise (BYOD) Storage Servers

Customize to meet your needs and specifications

Combine a high-performance configuration with high-capacity storage

Modular enclosures from 1U to 8U form factors

If we can’t find you a storage solution that fits your needs, we’ll build it for you.  IQSS offers a wide range of quality custom  Storage Servers for personal and corporate customers.

We have a full line of modular enclosures ready for customization, from 1U to 8U form factors, and can be configured from existing barebone platforms to anything that meets your requirements.

Storage servers for ideal for data backup, nearline storage, media sharing storage, content creation, streaming media and post-production solutions.

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To meet the many varied requirements of our customers, we work with SuperMicro hardware to provide the barebone servers from which we customize your storage. Barebone Servers are available in a number of form factors, including 1U to 8U, blade, high density fat nodes, and combined server and storage chassis. Customers can choose various multiprocessor options supporting large amounts of RAM and many I/O expansion slots.



Windows Storage Server 2012

Microsoft’s Windows Storage Server 2012 capabilities are designed to provide enhanced reliability, availability, and  performance at every layer of the Microsoft storage stack.  They allow IT pros to combine features to build powerful new storage solutions, such as the ability to deliver feature-rich high performance storage functionality and performance without sacrificing budget.


Open-E Data Storage Software

Open-E DSS V7

Linux-based Data Storage Software used for building and managing centralized data storage. If you need comprehensive tools which support a variety of protocols such as iSCSI, Fibre Channel, InfiniBand and most industry-standard hardware platforms, then look no further. You get the flexibility to work with the hardware solution provider of your choice to best suit your storage needs. Let us customize a storage server for you.