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SAS Host

Storage Systems designed to help support direct attached appliances

IQSS offers a wide selection of SAS storage systems designed to help SMB users implement high-reliability DAS storage solutions with outstanding throughput. These high performance and cost-effective systems feature fault-tolerant hardware designs and meet the needs of high availability applications. SAS systems are ideal for SOHO and SMBs for high performance DAS configurations while staying within limited budgets.


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SAS Host

B12S-2240 – SAS-to-(2.5″) SAS 1U /12-bay Dual Controllers
B24S-2240 – SAS-to-(2.5″) SAS 2U /24-bay Single & Dual Controllers
S04S-2240  – SAS-to-(3.5″) SAS 1U /04-bay Single Controller
S12S-2240  – SAS-to-(3.5″) SAS 2U /12-bay Single & Dual Controllers
S16S-2240  – SAS-to-(3.5″) SAS 3U /16-bay Single & Dual Controllers
S24S-2240  – SAS-to-(3.5″) SAS 4U /24-bay Single & Dual Controllers